Our Management

The coming years will be very exciting for the Online Gaming Business and LR Data is ready for the challenges that lay ahead. We are the pioneer and leading technology provider for online gaming operators in Asia. We are focused on continually improving our services to drive industry growth and we are committed to remain the industry leader in the years to come.

We have spent the better part of this year on research and development, the results of which include an overhauled network infrastructure delivering end-to-end MPLS from the Philippines to the rest of Asia and Europe. Apart from our network upgrade, we have developed bespoke, best-in-class online gaming solutions that will enhance LR Data online gaming operators’ competitive advantage.

We have partnered with Global Tier 1 providers via an NNI to deliver bandwidth, disaster recovery, DDoS mitigation and other security layers to multiple countries around the world. We have also partnered with Global leaders in hardened ANS and DNS; next generation flow-based network management platforms; and vulnerability assessment and resolution tools with the end goal of having a fully-redundant and hardened gaming network infrastructure.

These strategic partnerships have enhanced our presence across Asia and Europe. We are confident that our expanded network reach shall open innumerable opportunities and competitive advantage to LR Data online gaming operators.

John M. Cornejo

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Network Operations Head