Distributed Denial of Services or DDoS attacks target web sites, hosted applications or network infrastructures by absorbing all available bandwidth and disrupting access for legitimate customers and users. DDoS attacks can bring mission critical systems and business operations to a halt, resulting in lost revenue opportunities, decreased productivity or damage to your reputation.

LR Data offers access to several providers of DDoS solutions, which customers can option and layer based on their specific requirements.

LR Data's Anti-DDoS solutions provide and ensure:

  1. ✓ Clean Pipe Solution
  2. ✓ High Resiliency and Distributed Scrubbing Nodes
  3. ✓ Application Layer Protection Capability
  4. ✓ Real-time Alerts and Monitoring
  5. ✓ Safeguard Service Uptime
    ✓ Available mitigation through private network