LR Data's Service Fortification provides reliable measures in identifying potential security threats in our customer's network infrastructure. The service provides thorough investigation and analysis of a company's security vulnerabilities allowing them to source the appropriate mitigation strategies to address the detected risks.

Capabilities and features:

✓ Vulnerability Management
  1. • Categorize applications for easy reporting
  2. • Close the coverage gap with our universal translator
  3. • Intelligently simulate real world attacks
  4. • Continuously monitor your applications
  5. • Stay authenticated for deep assessment
  6. • Conduct deeper analysis with interactive reports
  7. • Quickly replay web attacks
  8. • Categorize applications for easy reporting
✓ Faster Incident Investigation
  1. • Find missing puzzle pieces with user behavior analytics
✓ Deception Technologies
  1. • Set traps to detect intruders when they initially explore the network, before they do damage
✓ Endpoint Detection and Response
  1. • Pull endpoint data into context without user disruption
✓ SOC Platform Advisory Services
  1. • Penetration testing
  2. • Eliminate alert fatigue
  3. • Adapt to evolving threats
  4. • Expose attackers’ hiding spots
  5. • Determine the scope of an attack
✓ Powerful Reporting and Analytics
  1. • Get security data and analytics in days, not weeks or months
  2. • Vast data coverage and visibility

✓ Managed Services