PrimeDNS is LR Data’s Premium Naming Service (Hardened ANS and recursive DNS). It protects the Authoritative Name Servers of its customers against denial of service, reflector and amplification attacks with sophisticated control functions to limit transaction types, port randomization and rate limit requests and responses. It also protects subscribers zone data against man-in-the-middle attacks with a highly automated DNSSEC to prevent anomalous responses.

PrimeDNS also includes an enhanced recursion service for its subscribers. On top of the features mentioned below, the offered recursion service includes mitigation against malwares, spams and botnets which helps prevent the blacklisting of networks.

Asia-centric Service
- Diversified Undersea Cables
- Low Latency to Major Asian Markets

Tested with up to 1 Billion Resource Records

In-service configuration updates (no restart)

Zero CVEs in over a decade

Zero False Positives on malware and botnet protection

Threat Feed Processes on malware and botnet protection

Automated DNSSec Key Lifecycle Management

Sample Executive and Security Reports: